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Dear Student

This guide is pertaining to your application to study in UK for September intake. Please find below the information on student visa application.

1. Apply as early as you can. You can apply up to 3 months in advance.

2. You will need a certificate of acceptance (CAS) from your chosen place of study before you can make an application. A CAS Number will be given by your sponsor (the UK University that you are going to) via e-mail when you fulfil the entry requirement. Certain Universities will only issue the CAS Number after you make the deposit/minimum payment required. It is your responsibility to check with your sponsor, the contents of the CAS so that you know which documents are required to support your application.

Note: Sponsor mentioned here and in the Appendix 8 form refers to the UK University that you are going to.
You should provide the original documents of relevant certificates, qualifications or other
evidence mentioned by your sponsor in your CAS.

3. You must provide a photocopy of each document needed and supply the original documents for verification purposes.

4. The website to apply on-line for the student UK visa and the website to make an appointment for submission of documents are

5. Checklist of documents for Malaysian student only.

Please find the visa application guideline as following:
You must pay your visa application fees online, in US dollars using either a Visa card or Master card.

1) Pay the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge.
a) You will have to pay £150 per year (subject to change) as a student. Payable amount
depends on the duration of study stated on CAS.
b) Once payment is made, you will be sent an email with an IHS reference number. This will also be shown on screen after payment is made. Be sure to jot it down.
c) Please note, that your visa or immigration application will not be granted if you do not pay the health surcharge if required to do so. If you do not pay the full amount, you will be required to pay the correct amount within a specified number of days, or your visa or
immigration application will also be refused.

2) Complete the online application at
a) Pay UK visa fees online- approximately USD 426 (subject to change)
b) Book your appointment online.
c) Print out the complete online application.
d) Write your IHS reference number on the cover of your printed online visa application form.

3) Supporting documents for visa application.
a) Current and previous passports (Original & 1 copy of your current passport data page only.)
You need a page that is blank on both sides for your visa.

b) CAS Letter**
c) Documents used to obtain your CAS. For example, your Academic transcript/certificates/etc.
Please refer to your CAS letter. (Original & 1 copy)**
d) Evidence to show your maintenance fund. For example, bank statements/bank
book/bank letter..etc. (Original & 1 copy) **

Your bank statement should show that you have had the required maintenance funds in your bank account for at least 28 days prior to paying your visa fee online. Cost of living/maintenance fund. London= GBP 1265 per month (9 months= GBP 11385), Outside London= GBP 1015 per month (9 Months= GBP 9135). Note : student must include cost fees if they have not paid.

#If the bank account is under you parents name only and not yours. Please provide additional document to support your financial documents:

1) Student’s birth cert. (Original translation document is required if its not in English.)**
2) Letter of sponsor from parents.**

**If you are a Malaysian passport holder and applying in Malaysia, you do not need to provide education certificates or bank statements with your application, although you must be able to provide them if you are asked at a later date.

e) TB Test-
Approved test Clinic-

Please find the visa application centre’s address and location map at this link.

If your visa application is successful, you will be given a vignette valid for 30 days. This will allow you to enter the UK. You must then collect your Biometric Residence Permits (BRP) no later than 10 days after your arrival in the UK. If you find a mistake on your BRP it must be corrected

promptly. You do not need to collect BRP Card from a post office. As part of your visa
application you will be asked for an ACL code (alternative collection code) to allow your card to be sent to the university.

Further information on the BRP can be found here

You can also refer and read the supporting document guidance:

6. How much if student wish to apply for the express visa (VIP) if they choose not to wait for the normal 14 days processing time? Approximately RM 870 (subject to change) Express is 5 working days.

7. sample of how the UK student visa look like ?

VFS Office is at :
Suite 19.06, 19 th floor Wisma MCA, 163 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2164933

Passport submission timing:
0800 to 1400 hours (Weekdays submission with appointments only)

Rule on photos. You can take at the Visa centre

My applications

The Visa4UK website will be intermittently unavailable from 11:00-17:00 hrs on 28/06/18 for essential maintenance. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Welcome to the Visa4UK service, you can apply for a UK visa using this service if you’re an applicant who is not currently in the UK.

Register for an account using the 'Register an Account' button below to begin your application.

We are currently updating our online visa application service. You may be able to apply using our new service for visit visa applications if you are applying for a:

  • - Standard Visitor Visa

  • - Marriage Visitor Visa

  • - 1 month Permitted Paid Engagements visa


Tan Kai Xin



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28 Sep 2018

Application Started:

29 Jun 2018



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