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In view of our Strong Travel Connections and our main objective in getting Student Travel Connected globally, we have chosen and trademark the name STC Travel in Malaysia and Singapore. 
STC Travel is recognized as the No.1 Student Travel Agent in Malaysia by British Airways, Qatar Airways and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and the No.1 Student Travel Agent to the UK by Turkish Airlines. 
We choose the color Green for our logo, as Green is a color pervasive in the natural environment that says renewing, refreshing and regenerating. It represents balance, growth, learning( education) and harmony.
STC Travel is an IATA accredited agent and specializes in student and young independent travelers with staff force of over 20 years of experience.
With the strong support of prestigious Universities  and Colleges we have covered approximately 60 % of the student market in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.
We offer competitive student fares on all major airlines over the world, accommodations, tours, coach transfers, private limousine transfers, comprehensive travel insurance and more.


Students stand to gain real cost and service advantages with STC Travel:

•    Special concessionary student fares with FREE extra 10-kg to 16-kg excess baggage allowance on selected airlines.

•    FREE advance booking on popular departure dates with no cancellation charges and no service fee.

•    FREE changes for the departure date subject to seats availability before issuance of flight tickets

•    Flight ticket valid for one year with One FREE return date change.

•    Special travel packages for visiting parents, relatives and friends.

•    STC travel pre-departure talks, especially useful for numerous students traveling abroad for the first time.


1.       The fares are always cheaper if students book in advance (for best rates please book 3 months in advance).
We do not charge any fee if the student wants to change the departure date before the ticket is issued. However, date change is subject to seat availability.

2.       We do not charge our students or customers for making a reservation/booking.
3.       The student only needs to make full payment when he/she want us to issue the ticket.
4.       The student can also CANCEL the booking/reservation before we issue the ticket and there is no charge at all. The student cannot cancel the booking/reservation if it was done via the internet.
5.       The student flight tickets are valid for one year. The student can change the return date for free (Only ONE free return date change permitted).
Date changes WILL NOT BE PERMITTED if the booking was done via the internet. Please take into account that purchasing one-way tickets (separate purchase) will incur additional cost. 

6.       Students enjoy 40kgs check-in baggage allowance and for some designated airlines to the UK, up to 46kgs can be arranged. Please note that internet bookings only allow 30kgs for check-in baggage.
Students are advised to make their booking/reservation early to enjoy best prices and avoid disappointment. Since there are no charges for cancellation, we would suggest that students do not wait for their examination results or for their visa approvals to make reservations as they might lose out on the best prices.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Specialist Travel Consultant: Ms. Michelle  or Ms. Shernade Leong at 03-2148 9700 should you have any inquiries.

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