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Frequently asked questions

Question & Answer

1. Q: Why should I make my reservations early?


A: Students are advised to make their booking/reservation early to enjoy best prices and avoid disappointment. If you wait after your exam results are out or wait until your visa is approve and then only do your flight reservation, by that time all the flights will be full.

2. Q: Is there a deadline to book the flight ticket?      

A: There is no deadline to book your flight ticket. The fares are always cheaper if student book in advance (for best rates please book 3 months in advance). Last minute booking will usually end up with disappointment as flights are usually FULL or students will end up paying a higher price.

3. Q: Can I change the date of departure? Is there any charge?

You can change your departure date and it is FREE.
We do not charge any fee if the student wants to change the departure date before the ticket is issued. However, date change is subject to seat availability.

4. Q: Is there any charges or deposit required for us to make booking/reservation of my flight ticket?

A: We do not charge our students or customers for making a reservation/booking. Itis absolutely FREE.

5. Q: What if I wish to cancel after I made my booking /reservation? Do I need to pay any fee or is there any charges for my cancellation?

A: The student can CANCEL his/her booking/reservation before we issue the ticket and there is no charge at all. It is absolute FREE.

6. Q: When do I need to make the full payment?

A: You need to make the full payment when you issue your flight ticket. Standard airline deadline to issue ticket is one month before departure. However, the airline might set earlier deadline to finalize booking if flight is in high demand.

7. Q: What if my Visa is rejected after I have issued and paid in full for my flight ticket?

A: Such situation is very rare. Nevertheless, the airlines will give a FULL refund if your visa is rejected.


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Q: What are all these various classes ( N class, S class, V class  etc. shown in your flyer?


A: All the fares shown are on economy class. The economy class airfares are created under various “class zones” (e.g. N,S,V class  …etc ) and each class zone is allotted a limited number of seats. The lowest fares start from N Class, and once the limited seats allotted under N class is sold out, the price shall go up to the next level ( under S class) and so on….

Our professional and experience consultants shall check and advice you on the dates where the lowest fare are available when you make your booking.


Q. Are all the seats same on these various economy classes?


A: Yes, all the seats are the same.


Q: The price shown in your flyer is valid until 15 April 2019. Will the price change after that date?


A: Yes, the price may change to higher or lower after the validity date. It can also remain the same (no changes). Most importantly is to book the lowest class where the cheapest fare starts from. In this respect, even though the price change (to higher or lower) , you are assured to have the cheapest fare as you are already reserved on the lowest class where the lowest fare starts from.


Q: When should I book my date for return when I am in the UK? Will it be difficult to get a seat since I am booked on the lowest class where seats are limited?


A: If you are studying in the UK and returning to Kuala Lumpur in July 2020, please book and confirm your return date as early as in Jan or Feb 2020.






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