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MSIG Overseas Student Insurance

MSIG Frequent Q & A


Q. Does the MSIG OSI covers hospitalization under medical expenses for Injury & illness?


A. MSIG wording as per below:-

Q. Does MSIG cover Dental ?


MSIG wording as per below:-


Medical Expenses  means  expenses in  respect of Hospital, surgical, medical  and  nursing treatment  and services  including  the costs of prescribed medicine  and medical  supplies  but excluding the costs of dental  treatment unless  such treatment  constitutes dental treatment necessary  to restore or replace  natural teeth lost or damaged due to the injury.


AIG wording as per below:-

Q. Does MSIG cover Damage or loss of baggage ?


A. MSIG wording as per below:-


AIG wording as per below:-

Q. Under Emergency Evacuation, does MSIG cover repatriation of remains .

A. MSIG wording as per below:-

Q. What does MSIG cover under study interruption?

 A. MSIG wording as per below:-

What is Cancellation before departure and Loss of Travel Documents Assistance?

Cancellation Prior To Departure

We will pay the Insured Person for the pre-paid Tuition fee which is not liable to refund from the Educational Institution if his or her trip is unavoidably cancelled before the time of departure in the event of the following:

a. cancellation due to Insured Person’s death or death of any of his or her immediate family member.

b. cancellation due to confinement to the Insured Person or any of his or her immediate family member in a hospital arising from bodily injury or Terminal Sickness.

We will reimburse the Insured Person:

       i. fifty percentage (50%) of the non refundable Tuition fee up to a maximum limit of RM10,000 for Plan 1 or

       ii. fifty percentage (50%) of the non refundable Tuition fee up to a maximum limit of RM20,000 for Plan 2


Conditions Applying to Section III:

a. When making a claim under Section III of the Policy, the Insured Person must submit the original invoices for Tuition issued by the Educational Institution,

b. Any sum payable under Section III will be based on such original invoices.


Exceptions Applying to Section III:

We will not be liable for any loss directly or indirectly, in whole or in part caused by or resulting from:

a. any other losses apart from what was stated as reimbursable fees or any other losses prior to the date of purchase of this insurance,

b. intentionally self-inflicted Injury,

c. suicide or attempted suicide while sane or insane,

d. national service, service in the military, naval or air service of any country,

e. pregnancy/childbirth/miscarriage or abortion/or any bacterial infection other than bacterial infection occurring from an accidental cut or wound,

f. venereal disease, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) or AIDS related complex HIV (Human Immuno Deficiency Virus), or any other sexually transmitted disease,

g. hernia,

h. piloting or acting as a crew member or riding in any aircraft except as a fare paying passenger on a scheduled airline,

i. injury sustained while participating in professional athletics, sponsored scholastic or amateur athletics,

j. cosmetic or plastic surgery, except as the result of an Injury,

k. elective treatment or surgery including exploratory tests,

l. any mental and nervous disorders, rest cures or stress of any kind,

m. drug addiction, or other substance abuse (other than drugs taken under medical supervision and not for the treatment of drug addiction),

n. any treatment provided by a family member,

o. the commission by the Insured Person of a criminal act,

p. hang gliding, mountaineering, rock climbing/rappelling, sky diving, professional or amateur racing,

q. treatment for which payment is available under any other individual or group insurance policy, or other service or medical pre-payment plan arranged or under any mandatory government programme or facility set up for treatment without cost to any individual to the extent of availability,

r. any Pre-Existing Conditions.

  1. Loss of Travel Documents – ?


Lost Travel Document Assistance

MSIG Assist will assist with Insured Person’s lost travel document while travelling outside the Home Country or UsualCountry of Residence by referring him or her to the appropriate authorities involved and providing directions for recovery.

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MSIG Overseas Student Insurance offers peace of mind for students and parents.

* The services depicted are the main ones. 

For other benefits like PA, Temporary Accommodation, please refer to the brochure.

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