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MSIG Overseas Student Insurance

Why do I need insurance?

Congratulations to you for having the opportunity to study overseas! It is an important step for your future. This is also an exciting phase in your life as you get to travel and see the world.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly when you study overseas, you may wish to consider MSIG’s Overseas Student Insurance – tailor-made for students studying abroad. The plan is designed to protect you against unforeseen situations so that you will have peace of mind to concentrate on your studies.

Why do people choose us?

Andrew is one of about 45,000 Malaysian students studying overseas every year. The only child of parents living in KL, he is a typical fun-loving 17-year old. He is studying for his Engineering degree in UK and this is his first time away from home for longer than 3 months. During the December holidays, Andrew and his friends decided to celebrate Christmas in Germany.
“I didn’t think it was a big deal so I didn’t call home. We rented a car and stayed at a student hostel. But on the way back from dinner we met with an accident. Luckily no lives were lost but I broke my right leg. The paramedics brought me to a hospital and that’s where more problems began. I couldn’t speak German and couldn’t communicate with the hospital staff. Couldn’t reach my parents because of the time difference, and when I did reach them, they were worried about the hospital fees in Euros. I lost my passport and baggage in the accident as well.” – Andrew
However, the situation was completely different for his friend Mohan.
"My parents bought MSIG’s Overseas Student Insurance Plan and all I needed to do was contact MSIG Assist and they swung into action with their 24-hour medical team and interpreter services, liaised with the hospital and acted as my guarantor for the hospital fees, kept my parents updated of the condition and even helped with contacting the embassy for the lost documents." - Mohan

MSIG Overseas Student Insurance offers peace of mind for students and parents.

* The services depicted are the main ones. 

For other benefits like PA, Temporary Accommodation, please refer to the brochure.

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Insurance Brochure

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Download Student Travel

Insurance Proposal Form

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